How to Store Natural Perfume

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  • Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

    Although sunlight and the accompanying rays are the most damaging to fragrances, indoor lightbulbs can also be slightly damaging. You’ll want to store your perfume in a cool and dark place.

  • Keep Temperature Change To A Minimum (Especially Heat)

    Heat is the most damaging to fragrances, but rapid temperature change can also be damaging. Storing your fragrances in a fridge can be good for long term as long as they are not constantly moved in and out.

  • Avoid Humidity

    The bathroom can be a good spot for fragrances that you use and replace often, but they are terrible places to keep a fragrance collection. Try to only use the bathroom if you have a closing cupboard that can prevent steam from reaching your perfume.

  • Keep The Lid On

    The more oxygen that gets into your scent, the more your fragrance will degrade. Not to mention any particulates that might get in as well.

  • Don't Agitate Your Scent

    The myth that shaking a perfume bottle is beneficial before application is false. A well made fragrance should stay as one cohesive layer. This also means that you should refrain from putting full bottles of perfume in purses or luggage as they can get shaken around.

  • Decant Your Scents for Travel

    I know, I know, I know…I said to keep the lid on, but constant agitation is much worse for your scent than quickly decanting it. It also prevents any mishaps that might happen with your full bottle on the road.

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