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4 Reasons Why A Natural Cologne Is Better

Using a natural cologne can be better for you from a health perspective and a spiritual one as well.

  • Memories

    The olfactory center of the brain has been proven to be the most important in terms of bringing back memories. An all natural scent can remind someone of a special day, place, or time. Because the scents are all natural they are more easily remembered with our day to day life.

  • Aromatherapy Benefits

    Using natural essential oils has the benefit of giving traditional aromatherapy benefits. Whether it’s the stress relief of lavender, the natural energy of peppermint, or the benefit to your respiratory system of cedar.

  • Knowing Your Scent

    You know exactly what’s in your fragrance. This is an excellent talking point, but it’s also great for peace of mind. Knowing that your organic cologne is free of any harmful synthetics.

  • Smell Completely Unique

    Know that no matter where you go you’ll always smell completely unique. You’ll never have to change your fragrance due to someone ‘taking it over’.

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