Make Custom Oakmoss Based Perfume


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You’ve chosen Oakmoss as your first base note.  A cornerstone of traditional perfumery, Oakmoss has an unmistakable scent that lends itself to great scents.  A base for all Chypre fragrances, Oakmoss has a deep earthy scent with spruce high notes over a rich mossy base.  Oakmoss blends well with most things, but you need to try it with woods and any sort of Citrus.

Oakmoss Perfume

To simplify your cologne making experience we have divided our gallery of scents into the 3 categories of traditional perfumery.  There are Base Notes, Mid Notes, and Top Notes.  Each of these evaporates at a different rate, and choosing a variety of each will help you create a well balanced olfactory bouquet.