Scents with High Sillage

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Sillage: /siːˈjɑːʒ/ This term is originally French for wake and  and is pronounced see yazh

In English, specifically perfumery the term Sillage has a similar yet highly specific meaning.  It is a borrowed word referring to the wake of scent that a person wearing a fragrance leaves behind.  The sillage of a scent refers to the fragrance that it projects, scents with high sillage leap from the skin and are easily detectable from a distance.  Scents with a lower sillage are more intimate and stay close to the skin.

All of our top and middle notes will help increase the sillage of your scent, and some base notes that offer quite a lot of projection are sandalwood, rose, and amber. Create a custom perfume, or a custom cologne using our on-line fragrance builder.

Custom Perfume
Custom Cologne

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